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Parliamentary questions
24 September 2012
Question for oral answer
to the Commission
Rule 115
Vital Moreira, on behalf of the Committee on International Trade

 Subject: Measures to protect the EU market from unusually low-priced imports of Chinese origin, especially photovoltaic panels

Some of the most competitive sectors of EU industry have stated that imports of abnormally low-priced products from China are increasing. Is the EU prepared to respond in an appropriate and timely fashion?

1. Can the Commission confirm that the number of cases of imports from China being sold at abnormally low prices is increasing? Which cases have been brought to the Commission’s attention?

2. The EU and the US are the main markets for photovoltaic applications due to public support schemes. Is it likely that US anti-dumping measures will have consequences for the EU market, i.e. through a diversion of exports to the EU? Can the Commission provide statistics on the mutual ownership of companies based respectively in the EU, the US and China in the solar sector?

3. What is the Commission’s assessment of the situation of the photovoltaic sector and of the polysilicon exporting sector in the EU? Does it think increased imports from China could injure industry in the EU?

4. Can the Commission explain how it intends to adapt the instruments at its disposal to an EU-wide strategy to develop the renewable energy sector and EU exports?

5. Moreover, how does the Commission intend to develop a common industrial strategy with Member States in order to maintain the competitiveness of the EU?

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