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Parliamentary questions
22 October 2013
Question for oral answer
to the Commission
Rule 115
Pervenche Berès, on behalf of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs

 Subject: Commission communication on 'Strengthening the Social dimension of Economic and Monetary Union (EMU)'

Since the onset of the crisis, the eurozone has experienced a rapid polarisation of unemployment. Since 2011, the role of social security expenditure as an automatic stabiliser has considerably weakened. Although major steps have been taken to reinforce the EU’s economic governance, Europe has paid a very high economic and social price. Unemployment in the EU has reached the alarming level of 26.6 million people, with 23 % of active young people unemployed and poverty and social exclusion continuing to rise.

1. Does the Commission believe that the analytical tool of a scoreboard with employment and social indicators should be complemented with a system triggering preventative and corrective actions?

2. Does the Commission consider that the indicators proposed as part of the scoreboard provide comprehensive coverage allowing for proper assessment of the employment and social situations in Member States? How will the Commission take due account of Parliament’s view on appropriate indicators?

3. Why has the Commission set an age limit of 25 years for inclusion in the indicator used to calculate youth unemployment, when the Youth Guarantee gives a voluntary limit of 30 years?

4. How does the Commission intend to include the initiatives proposed in its communication on the social dimension of the EMU in the 2014 Annual Growth Survey?

5. On what basis does the Commission intend to assess whether particular employment and social indicators have reached alarming levels in the context of a lack of a real EU social protection floor?

6. To what extent does the Commission acknowledge that certain eurozone countries have specific social challenges?

7. How does the communication feed into the agenda on the completion of a genuine EMU?

8. When will the Commission present a green paper on the feasibility and desirability of an automatic stabiliser for the EMU?

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