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Parliamentary questions
6 June 1996
WRITTEN QUESTION by María Sornosa Martínez (GUE/NGL) to the Commission

 Subject: Protecting the Pego-Oliva marshes (Valencia - Spain)

The Pego-Oliva marshes are the second most important wetlands in the Valencian Community, comprising almost 1000 hectares of major importance as an example of a traditional Valencian geographical ecosystem, i.e. coastal marshlands, which have been gradually disappearing due to drying out and their conversion into agricultural land.

The marshes have been declared a natural park by the Valencian authorities. The area has moreover been classified as a special protection area for birdlife and a "Ramsar Zone".

These wetlands, vital to the survival of a large number of aquatic species and species of migratory bird, are threatened by the Mayor of Pego's plan to turn them into a "municipal natural park", which will seriously reduce the level of protection which they currently enjoy. The Generalitat de Valencia's Environmental Secretariat (Consejería de Medio Ambiente) has initiated the administrative procedure for drawing up a Plan on the Planning of Natural Resources (PPNR), which would involve a ban on any development of this natural area.

Would the Commission be prepared to seek information from the national and Valencian authorities, and to examine, in conjunction with them, what measures should be adopted to protect these wetlands as an area of particular importance to the European Union?

OJ C 356, 25/11/1996 (p. 33)
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