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Parliamentary questions
12 May 2005
WRITTEN QUESTION by Simon Busuttil (PPE‑DE) to the Commission

 Subject:  Credit cards levy in Malta

In its reply to my Parliamentary Question E‑0690/05, the Commission did not reply to my original question in full.

I had asked whether the Commission considers that the levy on credit cards imposed in Malta undermines the principle of free movement of services in relation to Maltese citizens as recipients of (credit card) services; in particular in relation to their freedom to make cross-border purchases in other EU countries by using distance-selling tools such as mail order catalogues and the Internet; more so since jurisprudence has clearly established that the free movement of services also means the freedom of consumers to receive services and not just the freedom of enterprises to provide services.

Does the Commission not consider this tax to be restrictive to the extent that it ultimately discourages Maltese consumers from effecting cross-border purchases within the internal market?

 OJ C 299, 08/12/2006
Last updated: 11 October 2005Legal notice