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Parliamentary questions
13 March 2007
WRITTEN QUESTION by Simon Busuttil (PPE‑DE) to the Commission

 Subject: The European cruise industry

A February 2007 report entitled ‘Contribution of cruise tourism to the economies of Europe’(1) established that some 3 million passengers embark annually from European ports, that the cruise industry has created some 190 000 jobs in the European Union and that this industry is generating an annual contribution of more than EUR 8 billion in direct spending, making it a fast growing industry in Europe.

In view of the above, can the Commission explain what measures it has taken or intends to take in order to specifically enhance the EU regulatory environment in which this industry operates?

And does the Commission meet the stakeholders of this industry in a bid to address their concerns?

(1)Prepared by G.P.Wild (International) Limited and Business Research and Economic Advisors, engaged by the European Cruise Council and its partners.

 OJ C 293, 05/12/2007
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