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Parliamentary questions
10 July 2007
WRITTEN QUESTION by Simon Busuttil (PPE‑DE) to the Commission

 Subject: Excluded categories in Maltese law on fixed-term contracts

The Maltese authorities recently published Legal Notice 51 of 2007 in order to bring Maltese law in line with EC law on fixed-term contracts, notably with regards to the conditions under which a definite contract may be converted into an indefinite contract in the case of public sector workers.

This Legal Notice appears to exclude certain categories of public sector workers from the benefits of the same law on the basis of ‘objective reasons’.

These categories include workers employed as casual substitutes or as temporary substitute employees, workers in a management position, workers employed in missions or postings abroad and workers employed in the office of an elected body, such as a local council.

Can the Commission state:

1. whether the said Legal Notice is sufficient to bring Maltese law in line with EC law, and;
2. whether the exclusion of the said categories of public sector workers is in line with EC law

 OJ C 45, 16/02/2008
Last updated: 19 September 2007Legal notice