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Parliamentary questions
30 August 2010
Question for written answer
to the Commission
Rule 117
Martin Ehrenhauser (NI)

 Subject: Indect Ethics Board

In its answer to Question E‑1004/2010 the Commission stated: ‘In order to further enhance the role of the project's Ethics Board, the Commission will recommend to the project to add an additional independent expert. This expert will have proven expertise in ethical and data protection issues’.

1. Has the Commission already recommended to the project to add an additional expert?

2. If so, has the expert already begun his or her work on the Ethics Board?

3. Who is this expert, and which other experts were available?

4. What are the names of current members?

5. What were the functions of the members before they were appointed to this Board and which functions do they still have alongside their work on this Board?

6. How has the composition of this Board been organised so far?

7. How is the Board able to intervene in the project?

Original language of question: DEOJ C 243 E, 20/08/2011
Last updated: 3 September 2010Legal notice