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Parliamentary questions
4 May 2011
Question for written answer
to the Commission
Rule 117
Diogo Feio (PPE)

 Subject: Quality of products sold in the new Member States

The Bulgarian agriculture minister has recently drawn attention to the fact that multinational companies are selling products in eastern Europe that are of lower quality than those marketed in the countries of western Europe, thus applying a double standard to products placed on the European market.

In view of the grave nature of these charges and their potential repercussions for the functioning of the internal market:

1. Is the Commission aware of any concrete case of the same company marketing products with quality standards varying with the intended markets?
2. Will the Commission investigate the Bulgarian minister's claims?
3. What measures could the Commission take, should this bizarre and anomalous state of affairs be confirmed, with a view to requiring all companies to apply the same quality and safety standards to all products placed on the European market?
4. In view of the real prejudice likely to be caused to consumers in the Union, what measures will the Commission take with a view to their future protection?

Original language of question: PTOJ C 365 E, 15/12/2011
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