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Parliamentary questions
16 December 2011
Question for written answer
to the Commission
Rule 117
Syed Kamall (ECR)

 Subject: Legal circumstances of changing the clocks

I have been contacted by a constituent who believes that there would be numerous economic and social benefits if the UK were to abolish the ritual of changing clocks in March and October but remain on British Summer Time.

My constituent believes that current EU regulations state that all Member States must change clocks at the same time, but would like to clarify the exact requirements to be met. Can the Commission confirm whether:

1. The UK is obliged to change its clocks in March and October?
2. The UK would be in contravention of EC law if it decided not to change its clocks at all in March and October?
3. Iceland would be required to change its clocks every March and October if it joined the EU, since my constituent believes that it does not currently change its clocks in March and October?

 OJ C 285 E, 21/09/2012
Last updated: 3 January 2012Legal notice