Reports of the European Parliament
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Cătălin Sorin Ivan
PE 524.493v02-00   A7-0249/2014
25 March 2014
51k  194k  95k 
Committee on Culture and Education Own-initiative report procedure
REPORT on new technologies and open educational resources
Cătălin Sorin Ivan
PE 521.588v03-00   A7-0246/2014
24 March 2014
291k  335k  231k 
Committee on Budgetary Control Discharge procedure
REPORT on discharge in respect of the implementation of the general budget of the European Union for the financial year 2012, Section I – European Parliament
Cătălin Sorin Ivan
PE 454.722v03-00   A7-0050/2011
8 March 2011
39k  182k  97k 
Committee on Budgetary Control Own-initiative report procedure
REPORT on the protection of the Communities’ financial interests – Fight against fraud – Annual Report 2009
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