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PE 525.540v01-00 Or. EN   P7_DCL(2013)0025
Authors : Ole Christensen,  Heinz K. Becker,  Edit Bauer,  Ivo Belet,  Bendt Bendtsen,  Minodora Cliveti,  Kinga Göncz,  Marian Harkin,  Anne E. Jensen,  Stephen Hughes,  Elisabeth Morin-Chartier
87k  48k 
on education and employment for persons with autism spectrum disorders and similar challenges
Date opened : 09/12/2013
Lapse date : 09/03/2014
Number of signatories : 160 - 10/03/2014
PE 446.326v01-00 Or. EN   P7_DCL(2010)0062
Authors : Joanna Senyszyn,  Ivo Belet,  Mary Honeyball,  Seán Kelly,  Hannu Takkula
99k  47k 
on increased European Union support for grassroots sports
Date opened : 06/09/2010
Lapse date : 16/12/2010
Adopted (date) : 16/12/2010
Text adopted : P7_TA(2010)0498 (the list of signatories can be accessed via a link in the text adopted)
Number of signatories : 385 - 16/12/2010
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