What is the State of the European Union?

The 2020 State of the European Union debate (SOTEU) comes at a time of uncertainty. Europe faces one of its toughest years yet as the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact all aspects of society. It is a time of resonating change, a time of great upheaval as European and global economies have been hit hard by Covid-19 restrictions.

The State of the European Union debate is a key moment to demonstrate the European Commission’s accountability towards the EU’s democratically elected representatives. It focuses on important issues like the coming economic recovery, climate change, youth unemployment and migration flows. This annual event is significant to promote a more transparent and democratic Union. It is an opportunity to bring the European Union closer to the citizens, highlighting the year’s core action points and challenges. Citizens’ rights and the democratic process are at the heart of this unique plenary debate.

Before the debate, on 15 September, key players in the European Parliament will discuss the priorities of the European Union and react to your questions and ideas.

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The SOTEU is an opportunity to find out about the future of the EU and the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) you elected. Check out the programme, get involved in local events, contact your MEPs and watch the debates live.

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