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Eva Kaili (EP), Margrethe Vestager (EC) and Anthony Gooch (OECD) at the STOA workshop 'The Future of Artificial Intelligence for Europe' © European Union (EP)

To intensify its activities in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), STOA has launched its Centre for AI (C4AI). C4AI was established by decision of the STOA Panel on 19 December 2019, and was announced at the high-level STOA workshop 'The Future of Artificial Intelligence for Europe', which took place on 29 January 2020 at the European Parliament in Brussels.

"Recent advances in AI bring with them new capabilities, applications and real societal challenges. Scientists, policy-makers and the public need to be aware of AI's large expectations, but also of concerns, and must be able to respond to them in an informed way. The new Centre for AI will be instrumental in promoting public trust, transparency and reflection on the future development of AI in its numerous manifestations and will aspire to assist EU policy-makers in their legislative work on the future development of this technology." Eva Kaili (S&D, EL), STOA Chair.

Within the context of STOA and based on decisions of the STOA Panel, C4AI produces studies, organises public events and acts as a platform for dialogue and information exchange on AI-relevant topics within the Parliament and beyond. In particular, it provides expertise on the possibilities and limitations of AI and its implications from an ethical, legal, economic and societal perspective. Through these activities, C4AI aims to contribute to the quality and coherence of discussion and policy-making as the EU seeks to coordinate its efforts and influence global AI standard-setting.


STOA and its C4AI aim to cooperate and exchange views with stakeholders and partners within the Parliament, the global parliamentary community and beyond.

To this end, STOA has launched a Partnership on AI with the OECD's Global Parliamentary Network (GPN). Launched on 2 December 2020 during a jointly organised meeting of the GPN's Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence, the partnership enables both organisations to enhance their reach, relevance and value to parliamentarians, policymakers and citizens around the world.

Furthermore, STOA is forming a new International Advisory Board (INAB). The Board includes world-renowned personalities from academia, international organisations, the private sector, civil society and think tanks. With a mandate for the remainder of this parliamentary term (2020‑2024), it will provide STOA with strategic advice about the future direction of its work on science and technology in general, with an emphasis on AI and the activities of the C4AI.

Through these partnerships, STOA increases its access to world-class expertise and other parliamentary networks while expanding its outreach capacity.


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