12-05-2022 14:00
From a European to a Global Green Deal

Room SPAAK 1A2 and remotely

The 'From a European to a Global Green Deal' high-level conference of political, industrial and academic leaders aims to open a constructive exchange of views among leading experts on cooperation opportunities in science and technology among the EU, Japan and the rest of the world, which supports the leveraging of the 'European Green Deal' to achieve a 'Global Green Deal'.

This event has been organised jointly by the Science and Technology in Society forum (STS forum) and the European Parliament's Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA). The STS forum was established in 2003 as an international network for dialogue on challenges and opportunities related to the application of science and technology and resolving problems related to it.


14:00-14:30 Introductory remarks

◆ Christian EHLER, STOA Chair

◆ Hiroshi KOMIYAMA, Chairman, STS forum

14:30-15:30 Panel 1: Green, secure and affordable energy for Europe

Chair: Ivars IJABS, STOA Second Vice-Chair

◆ Paula ABREU MARQUES, Deputy Director, DG Energy, European Commission

◆ Matthias KLEINER, President, Leibniz Association, Germany

◆ Maria LEPTIN, President, European Research Council

◆ Paul RÜBIG, President, SME Global

◆ Markus Beyrer, Director-General, BusinessEurope

15:30-16:30 Panel 2: The path to a Global Green Deal

Chair: Ismail SERAGELDIN, Founding Director Emeritus, The Library of Alexandria, Egypt

◆ Kazuyuki IMAZATO, Director General, Representative Office in Europe, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation (NEDO), Japan

◆ Masae SUGAWARA, Director, Paris Office, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), Japan

◆ Kazuki SAITO, Director, RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science (CSRS) Japan

◆ Lily EURWILAICHITR, Vice President, International Collaboration, National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Thailand

◆ Takashi USUDA, Executive Officer, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan

◆ Frans HOORELLBEKE, Honorable Senior Advisor, DAIKIN Europe

16:30-16:40 Closing remarks

◆ Eva KAILI, Vice-President, European Parliament

◆ Naritaka NAKAISHI, Director General, JETRO London, Japan

The event will be held in English only, without interpretation.