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The fishing sector is facing major challenges in the accelerating energy crisis, owing to its high dependency on the stable supply of fossil fuels at low prices. This report reviews the literature on drivers of energy use, identifies potential reduction measures and provides an overview of opportunities for using alternative fuels in the fishing sector. Each measure is evaluated in terms of greenhouse gas emission reduction potential and costs, and challenges and policy options that could facilitate ...

Open strategic autonomy is about ensuring that the EU has the capacity to cope alone if necessary but without ruling out cooperation whenever possible. It goes some steps beyond smart supply chain management by taking into account geopolitics as well as economic factors. It relies on foresight to identify threats and ensures resilience by anticipating the required responses. Could the resulting preparedness also prevent crises by normalising situations that would otherwise become emergencies?

STOA Annual report 2022

Study 26-05-2023

This annual report of the European Parliament's Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA) for the year 2022 provides a comprehensive account of European Parliament activity in promoting understanding of and research in the fields of science and technology assessment. The STOA Panel comprises 27 Members of the European Parliament representing 11 parliamentary committees.

The current situation in Ukraine has led to severe supply chain disruptions, contributing to a sharp increase in food and commodity prices globally and the limitation of fossil fuel imports from Russia to the EU. Moreover, to end Europe's dependence on semiconductor suppliers from Asian countries, it is necessary to take immediate action of a structural nature, involving all EU Member States and all participants in regional supply markets. The overall aim of this study was to identify drivers of ...