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Panel 16-09-2021 - 10:56

The next meeting of the STOA Panel will be held on Friday, 15 October 2021, from 11.00 to 12.30. This meeting will feature a presentation of the studies on artificial intelligence for biometrics and deepfakes: human rights, ethical principles and policy options. The meeting will be webstreamed. The link will be published below.

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Projects 16-09-2021 - 10:46

Please see the documents available below.

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Multimedia 09-09-2021 - 17:14

Deepfakes are hyper-realistic videos created through artificial intelligence techniques. They present many possibilities, but also dangers. Malicious use includes fraud, extortion and political disinformation. The impacts of such misuse can be financial, psychological and reputational. While the technology itself is legal, some malicious uses are not, and a combination of legal and technical measures may be mobilised to limit their production and dissemination.

Joining forces to bring legislators together and shape the future of AI. OECD and STOA.
Panel 18-12-2020 - 10:54

STOA's new Partnership on AI with the OECD's Global Parliamentary Network (GPN) was formally launched on 2 December 2020 during an online meeting of the GPN's Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence, which was organised with STOA. A video was also jointly produced to introduce the partnership.

Citizens’ enquiries to the European Parliament in 2019
Publications 09-12-2020 - 13:05