Other 24-05-2024 - 11:01

A recent STOA workshop responded to a mounting interest in the Small Modular Reactors (SMR) and their capacity to address the EU’s dual goals of energy security and climate resilience, all while examining the critical production of High-assay low-enriched uranium (HALEU), a critical nuclear fuel supply for medical isotopes production in the EU.

Multimedia 13-05-2024 - 11:02

The European automotive industry is striving to adapt to market changes driven by the dual green and digital transition. Electrification has become the main strategy for reducing CO2 emissions, especially in urban traffic. At the same time, the average size and weight of cars have greatly increased. Big electric cars are the trend, but are they really the solution? Could better planning and optimisation of resources help?

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Projects 02-05-2024 - 13:12

Please see the documents available below.

Strasbourg hemicycle building.
Panel 30-04-2024 - 11:43

The next STOA Panel meeting will take place on Thursday, 24 October 2024, in Strasbourg. The meeting will constitute a new Panel for the new legislative term. The event will be webstreamed, the link will be published below.

Multimedia 08-01-2024 - 16:46

The European Parliament's Forum for Academic Freedom launched a video series of interviews on academic freedom.

Multimedia 28-03-2023 - 12:48

When bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites no longer respond to medicines: this is set to become one of the major health threats of the 21st century. Francesco Imperi, Associate Professor of Microbiology at Roma Tre University (Italy), is working on novel strategies to tackle this antimicrobial resistance (AMR), more specifically in multidrug resistant bacterial human pathogens.

Multimedia 05-09-2023 - 15:19

Antimicrobial resistance is set to become one of the major health threats of the 21st century.