Five years in numbers: the work of STOA during the 8th legislative term 

'STOA Activity Report 2014-2019' written on blue background  
STOA Activity report 2014-2019.jpg © Regnier Pot for STOA 

The past legislative term saw the increase of Panel membership from 15 to 25 members, representing 9 different committees (previously 6), and the name change to 'Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA)'. Another highlight has undoubtedly been the launch of the European Science-Media Hub (ESMH), which has in its one year of existence held 5 events and published on their own website 26 articles with expert interviews and 19 press reviews on science and technological topics.

During the 8th legislative term, STOA completed 30 technology assessment studies on topics such as disinformation, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, e-democracy, Galileo satnav system, harmful internet use and circular economy, and 4 scientific foresight studies on robotics, precision agriculture, assistive technologies for people with disabilities and 3D bio-printing. More than 100 other documents were published, namely policy briefings and publications about risks and opportunities of new technological trends.

STOA has welcomed over 8,500 external participants in 76 events during the 8th legislative term. 80 MEP-Scientist pairs collaborated closely in the framework of our MEP-Scientist Pairing Scheme. Our online presence has been reinforced with a revamped website and own Twitter account (@EP_ScienceTech), and publishing of 195 blog posts and 68 video clips and podcasts.

For more details, check our Activity Report.