STOA study presentation at COVI committee public hearing - 6 February 2023 15:00

Events 08-02-2023 - 11:54

Prof Massimo Florio, main author of the recent STOA study "European pharmaceutical research and development: Could public infrastructure overcome market failures?", has been invited to present at the next COVI committee meeting, taking place on 6 February, as part of a public hearing on 'The resilience of (international) supply chains of vaccines and critical medical goods, and the question of health-related ‘EU strategic autonomy’.

The STOA study analyses EU's pharmaceutical policy for the research and development (R&D) of innovative medicines. It identifies market failures responsible that lead to unmet medical needs, including antimicrobials, and medicines for children and rare diseases. It proposes four policy options on how to develop an EU infrastructure for pharmaceutical R&D for the public interest.
The STOA study informs the upcoming Parliamentary discussion on the Commission's revision of the pharmaceutical legislation, which includes the children and rare diseases legislation.