Event - 23 September, 16:00: “Will Europe be the engine of a green and socially fair transformation?” 


Dialogue between President Sassoli, Gunter Pauli and Beppe Grillo

On 23 September at 16.00, the second virtual meeting in a series of public dialogues – ideas for a new world – will take place. The initiative, promoted by the President of the European Parliament David Sassoli, brings together philosophers, writers, economists, representatives from European civil society and the world of work.

The aim of the dialogues is to bring people together to think about a Europe that works more effectively and is closer to citizens. This is essential in a time that requires imagination, action and political courage to move on from the solutions of the past and face current challenges with new tools. 

The title of the second discussion is “Will Europe be the engine of a green and socially fair transformation?”, it will focus on the environmental, economic and social transition of Europe after COVID-19.

In the discussion, President Sassoli will be joined by Beppe Grillo and Gunter Pauli.

Gunter Pauli (Antwerp, 1956) is a Belgian entrepreneur and businessman who describeshimself as a catalyst, someone who makes things happen.

A pioneer of sustainable development and an advocate of the idea of zero waste and zero emissions, he is the creator of the blue economy, an economic model inspired by nature and ecosystems, the use of local resources and better use of waste, going beyond the circular and green economy.

He is also the founder of ZERI (Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives), a global network that brings together more than three thousand researchers and a thousand companies from all over the world, working to find sustainable solutions, from which he has promoted dozens of projects.

Beppe Grillo is an Italian comedian, politician, blogger and actor. He began in the world of television in 1977, where he achieved popularity and spent the following decade working as an actor in comedy films. Since the 1990s, he has focused on live shows, commenting on current events often with an environmentalist or economic slant. 

The blog beppegrillo.it, opened in 2005, is one of the most popular websites in Italy and one of the most visited blogs in the world. Through the large community of blog readers, Grillo has promoted initiatives of great media impact. In 2009, in collaboration with entrepreneur Gianroberto Casaleggio, he launched thepolitical movement, Movimento 5 Stelle.

The dialogue can be followed here and on the President's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

You can watch the live stream and download it in high definition under this link.