Sassoli: “EU has shown leadership on climate change but now world must act together” 


President will convey European Parliament’s strong stance on the climate emergency to world leaders in Davos next week

The President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, will attend the meeting in Switzerland of heads of state, government, academics, journalists, business leaders, and intellectuals to discuss the state of the world. Ahead of the annual forum, President Sassoli said:

“I want to carry the message of the European Parliament to world leaders in Davos. Our continent is currently facing profound transformations, linked to climate change, the rise of inequality, risks to global trade and insecurity in our neighbourhood. In the last months, the European Parliament has shown leadership on addressing the climate emergency. I will convey this message to world leaders next week. All countries, multinational companies, and individuals have a responsibility to act in order to save our planet. At the same time we have to do our utmost to ensure that vulnerable people and specific regions are not left behind in this process. Only if we work together in a united way can we hope to counter climate change and make this a just transition.

“Europe must lead on this and on many issues. I hope to explain and exchange views on our vision for the future of Europe and the EU’s role in the world in coming years. We need to be capable of ensuring peace and security, protect democracy and the rule of law, and respect for the rights of citizens - both in Europe and around the world.”