Sassoli on EU budget agreement: A good deal for EU citizens 


Statement by the European Parliament President David Sassoli on the agreement on the MF, own resources, and the recovery fund

“This is a good deal for European citizens. Together this package of measures will help European countries recover from the immediate crisis, while also investing in Europe’s long-term future.

“The European Parliament has managed to secure an extra €15 billion for key EU programmes that improve lives across Europe. This includes €7.4 billion for healthcare, €2.2 billion for Erasmus, and €1.5 billion to manage migration more effectively. We have also ensured an extra €1 billion for the flexibility instrument, to ensure we have an adaptable budget for a changing world.”

“Parliament fought hard to secure a legally-binding roadmap on the introduction of new own resources. This will ensure that the EU budget is financed in a more effective and sustainable way in the future – through the introduction of a levy on non-recylced plastics, a web tax to ensure digital giants pay their fair share, and a Financial Transaction Tax.

“Perhaps most importantly, for the first time, receiving funds from the EU budget will be conditional on member states upholding the rule of law. We are a Union based on values of freedom, democracy, and equality, if governments fail to respect these principles then they should not have access to EU funds.”

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