Sassoli: “Parliament disappointed by Council’s failure to find an agreement” 


Statement by European Parliament President on extraordinary EUCO

"The European Parliament is disappointed by the failure of the European Council to find an agreement on the next Multiannual Financial Framework and on Own Resources.

"If we want to be able to deliver on the expectations of our citizens, we need to back up our ambitions with sufficient funds. Europe is facing unprecedented challenges such as climate change, digitalisation and a new geopolitical order. We should also recall what the European construction, and especially the Single Market, have brought to our countries in terms of growth and development. Lowering our ambitions could only have a negative impact on years of progress and integration.

"No country acting alone can effectively tackle these challenges and maintain the existing acquis. It is therefore essential to quickly find an ambitious agreement on the EU long-term budget and on own resources. I hope that the forthcoming negotiations will go in a better direction than those we have been witnessing over the last hours. Our Union and our citizens deserve it."