Sassoli: Thank you to the people of Strasbourg. We hope to return as soon as possible 


Statement by the President of the European Parliament at the opening of the September Plenary session

“As is clear to us all, we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 emergency. We had hoped before the summer break that we would be returning to some degree of normality. Unfortunately, this is not the case and we find our countries still greatly affected by the pandemic. The rate of infection has increased, leading to the adoption of new containment measures by national governments.

“For this reason, and on the basis of information provided by the French medical services and authorities, I regretfully took the decision not to hold the plenary session in Strasbourg for this September session.

“I would like to thank the Presidents of the Political Groups for their support in this decision, and their full support in the Conference of Presidents for reestablishing the Strasbourg session as soon as the health situation in the city allows our return.

“I am grateful to the French authorities for their understanding and their constant collaboration in these difficult months. On behalf of all our members, I extend a warm greeting to the mayor and people of Strasbourg, where we hope to return soon.”