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Algerian flag with the shadows of raised hands
Изслушвания DROI

On 21 March 2023, DROI will hold a public hearing on "The state of human rights in Algeria in the framework of the renewed partnership with the Southern Neighbourhood" to discuss recent developments in the field of human rights and the rule of law in Algeria. The hearing will be held in association with the standing delegation for relations with the Maghreb countries (DMAG).

EPRS event on 21 March
Policy Roundtables and Book Talks EPRS

Full title: Strengthening Europe's open strategic autonomy: The need for a 'bold Europe'

This event will be held in the Library Reading Room of the European Parliament in Brussels. If you have an accreditation or an EU Institutions security badge you can enter freely the Spinelli building.

If you don't or if you prefer, you can watch the event live by clicking the below link.

EPRS Annual Lecture
Policy Roundtables and Book Talks EPRS

[...] Why we still participate in this ancient ritual and why it’s essential to democratic discourse

By clicking 'register' you can choose either to attend the event online and get the Webex link, or to attend the event in the library and start the accreditation process. If you have an EU Institutions security badge or an accreditation to the EP, you do not need to register to attend in the library.

Group of young people listening to a man transmitting his knowledge in aquaculture at his farm
Изслушвания DEVE

On 21 March, the Committee on Development holds a public hearing on how to create sustainable and decent employment opportunities in Africa for its increasingly young population.

REGI Public Hearing on EU regions in a "development trap" - Wednesday 22 March 2023
Изслушвания REGI

EU regions in a "development trap": Targeted solutions through cohesion policy instruments

Firefighters working in full equipment
Изслушвания EMPL

On 22 March, the EMPL Committee will hold a public hearing on “Working conditions of firefighters”. The World Health Organisation recently re-classified firefighters as a profession that is vulnerable to carcinogenics. This hearing will inform the EMPL committee’s work in various areas, and in particular the ongoing revision of the Asbestos at Work Directive.

Изслушвания AFCO

In the perspective of a possible convention for the revision of the EU Treaties, it is important to discuss the ways of strengthening the EU’s institutional, budgetary and decision-making arrangements in the common foreign and security policy by means of treaty changes.

microbiologist using a microscope
Работни групи ENVI

Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP) refers to new medical products that use gene therapy, cell therapy, and tissue engineering. They can be used to treat diseases or injuries, such as skin in burns victims, Alzheimer's, and cancer or muscular dystrophy, and have huge potential for the future of medicine.


Съгласно член 193 от Правилника за дейността на ЕП, на комисиите е позволено да организират изслушвания с участието на експерти, когато това е от съществено значение за тяхната работа по дадена тема. Изслушванията могат да се провеждат съвместно от две или повече комисии. Повечето комисии организират редовно изслушвания, тъй като те им позволяват да чуят мнението на експерти и да разискват по ключови теми. Настоящата страница съдържа цялата налична информация относно изслушванията на комисиите, в това число програми, обяви и предоставени от ораторите текстове.

Работни групи

Семинарите се организират от тематичните отдели и Отдела за научни прогнози и се управляват в съответствие с Финансовия регламент. Те не са непременно публични, но може да се провеждат по време на заседание на комисия.

Кръгли маси по въпроси на политиката и представяния на книги, организирани от Службата на ЕП за парламентарни изследвания

Кръгли маси по въпроси на политиката и представяния на книги, организирани от Службата на ЕП за парламентарни изследвания

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