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Since 2003, national competition authorities (NCAs) have boosted the enforcement of EU competition and antitrust rules significantly. However, each year losses of €181-320 billion accrue because of undiscovered cartels, which increase prices by between 17 % and 30 % on average. In March 2017, the Commission proposed a new directive to ensure that all NCAs have effective investigation and decision-making tools, could impose deterrent fines, and have well-designed leniency programmes and enough resources ...

This document was requested by the European Parliament's Committee on the Internal Market. Through a series of case studies it provides an overview of measures implemented by states and firms that may harm competition and consumer choice. It explores the extent to which EU Law may apply to prevent such restrictive practices.

Competition Policy and an Internal Energy Market

Проучване 18-07-2017

This study identifies selected important competition-related issues in the internal energy market. It discusses the role of competition law with respect to the following issues: State aid, congestion management, capacity remuneration mechanisms, balancing markets, effective competition between suppliers, integration of new players in the market, and energy poverty. To tackle these present and possible upcoming issues, the study provides indications regarding the current and future need for applying ...

The IA consistently emphasises the benefits of effective enforcement of EU competition law throughout the EU and assesses the contribution of the screened policy options to the general and specific objectives of the proposal. Its strengths lie in the solid expertise, based on internal and external research, its clear structure and its overall coherence. The analysis of the problems and their causes, and of the objectives, is comprehensive and concise. However, despite a clear attempt to comply with ...

Air transport: market rules

Информационни фишове за ЕC 01-07-2017

The setting up of the Single Aviation Market in the late 1990s has profoundly transformed the air transport industry and has greatly contributed to the strong growth in air transport in Europe over the past twenty years.

Maritime transport: strategic approach

Информационни фишове за ЕC 01-06-2017

European regulations on maritime transport focus on the application of the principle of free movement of services and the correct application of competition rules, while ensuring a high level of safety, good working conditions and environmental standards.

This report summarizes the discussion during the 8th Meeting of the IMCO Working Group on the Digital Single Market. It explains an exchange of views between MEPs, the European Commission and experts on the topic of boosting e-commerce and combatting consumer discrimination in the Digital Single Market. The proceedings were prepared by Policy Department A for the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee.


Проучване 27-04-2016

This document was prepared by Policy Department A at the request of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee. It presents the evolution of franchising regulation in the European Union and comparative analysis of franchising regulation in selected legal systems. It identifies problems in the area of franchising and indicates the impact of the EU rules on functioning of the franchising. Recommendations indicate at a need for a profound review of market conditions in the EU and corrective ...

This study provides background on the ‘ECN plus project’ by describing the European Competition Network (ECN) and the role of National Competition Authorities (NCAs). It investigates the decentralisation of the enforcement of EU competition rules and the structure and the cooperation mechanisms of the ECN as well as the experiences with decentralised enforcement and the ECN during the last decade. The ECN has functioned largely successfully as a platform for NCAs' cooperation and the voluntary harmonisation ...

This study analyses the policy decisions resulting in a reform of EU competition law and establishing a decentralised application of EU completion rules, i.e. the European Competition Network (ECN) and its functions. It compares the institutional set-up, the investigative measures, the fining policy and the leniency programs of national competition authorities (NCAs). This document was provided by Policy Department A at the request of the ECON Committee.