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The fisheries agreement with Mauritania is the EU's most significant in economic terms, and a central element of the network of EU agreements in West Africa. This cooperation framework is now being updated, with Parliament due to vote on giving its consent to the conclusion of a new agreement and protocol during the June I part-session.

This study is the first research paper in a series of three, commissioned for a PECH Committee Workshop. It provides an analysis of the legal aspects of the EU-UK TCA relating to fisheries. The analysis covers, inter alia, the scope of the fisheries provisions, conservation and management, fishing opportunities, arrangements on access to waters, arrangements on governance (including provisions on remedial measures, dispute settlement, institutional arrangements, termination, review and relationship ...

This At-a-glance note is the first in a series of three, prepared for a PECH Committee Workshop. It reviews the state of the art of transmitted positional data systems, high resolution and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) for satellite image data used in fisheries control and fisheries research. It identifies the strengths and weaknesses of such systems and provides policy recommendations for a more effective fisheries control system based on currently applied electronic technologies (ET).

Tuna fisheries management in the Indian Ocean

Накратко 05-10-2021

The Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) is an intergovernmental fisheries management organisation responsible for tuna and tuna-like fish stocks in the Indian Ocean. As a contracting party, the European Union must transpose its decisions into EU law, insofar as they are not already covered by it. In March 2021, the European Commission presented a proposal for a new regulation dedicated to the transposition of IOTC rules.

New EU fisheries agreement with Greenland

Накратко 30-09-2021

The EU-Greenland Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement (SFPA) is a key component of EU fisheries relations in the North Atlantic. It allows EU vessels to fish in the waters of Greenland and has a pivotal role in the quota-exchange network in the region, as the EU swaps a significant part of its fishing opportunities in Greenlandic waters with Norway and the Faroe Islands for fishing quotas in their waters. Parliament's vote on giving its consent to the conclusion of a new agreement and protocol ...

Northwest Atlantic fisheries management

Накратко 21-06-2021

During the June II plenary session, Parliament is expected to vote on a provisional agreement with the Council on the transposition of fisheries management measures for the Northwest Atlantic. As a contracting party to the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO), the European Union must transpose its measures so that they apply to vessels flying the flag of EU Member States. The agreement also provides for new delegated powers to be granted to the European Commission in order to facilitate ...

Eastern Baltic cod has long supported the livelihoods of many Baltic fishermen, but stocks of this valuable fish have been declining sharply in recent years. Every year since 2014, total allowable catches have been reduced accordingly. Scientific advice published in May 2019 reinforced the concerns regarding eastern Baltic cod, and estimated the stock to be below safe biological limits. Scientists point to high natural mortality resulting from various environmental pressures, including a lack of ...

Multiannual fisheries management plans are essential tools for the sustainable exploitation of marine resources, offering better predictability over time and a framework for improved cooperation between Member States at sea basin level. As part of a series of such plans adopted since the last reform of the common fisheries policy, the European Commission put forward, in February 2017, a proposal for a multiannual plan intended to manage fisheries of small pelagic fish stocks (anchovy and sardine) ...

Support for Baltic cod and herring fisheries

Накратко 05-11-2020

During the November I part-session, Parliament is due to vote on approving a provisional agreement with the Council enabling financial support for permanent cessation of fishing activities under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund for certain Baltic Sea fisheries. The agreed text extends the scope of the Commission proposal to include not only those fishermen affected by the eastern Baltic cod closure, but also cod and herring fishermen in the western Baltic who are faced with a major reduction ...

The study provides an overview of general impacts of the development of offshore wind farms and other marine renewables on the European fishing sector. It further highlights pathways for possible co-existence solutions of both sectors, a description of best practice examples and lessons learnt, the identification of research gaps and last but not least the presentation of policy recommendations.