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On 30 November 2016, the European Commission adopted a ‘clean energy’ package to help the EU meet its 2030 energy and climate goals, including a targeted revision of the 2010 Directive on the energy performance of buildings (EPBD). The Commission proposed to leave intact the main features of the existing EPBD, modernise and streamline some requirements, introduce binding obligations on electro-mobility requirements in buildings, introduce a ‘smartness indicator’ that assesses the technological capability ...

The 'silver economy' covers a host of different but interlinked strands; together these can improve the quality of life and inclusion in society and involvement in economic activity of the ageing population through developing innovative policies, products and services to meet their needs, bringing more growth and jobs. The concept has been emerging over the years, and recently gathered momentum with the European Commission's first paper on the topic. The population in the EU is ageing due to increasing ...

The Coordinators of the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection of the European Parliament requested a briefing paper on Hotel Fire Safety from the European Added Value Unit. This paper is intended to review the recent developments in hotel fire safety (from the Council Recommendation of 1986 to its possible revision and upgrading to a Directive) and to set out the arguments for and against legislation in this field.

Fire safety in the home

Briefing 26-05-2011

The UK and Ireland have stricter fire-resistance standards than the rest of the EU. These standards save lives, but other Member States are wary of the excessive use of flame-retardant chemicals.