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Fruit of two different but increasingly converging processes, the post-2015 sustainable development agenda is set to become the universal framework guiding global and national efforts to support human development in conjunction with environmental durability, from 2016. As the final stage in negotiations approaches, the post-2015 agenda is taking shape in a novel institutional setting, characterised not only by its twin-channels – with Rio+20 state-driven and post-2015 UN-led tracks – but also by ...

Beyond 2015: Reconciling Development and Climate Change Goals

Задълбочен анализ 10-09-2013

After 15 years as the central international reference for fighting poverty and promoting development, the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) will expire in 2015. The international community is seeking a new global development framework through two parallel tracks: the MDG review — led by the UN Secretary General — and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) process launched by the Rio+20 conference. There are important overlaps between these tracks and growing calls for the processes to be integrated ...

This report provides an overview of the evolution and main challenges faced by sustainable development frameworks and environmental governance. Options to reform the governance framework in the context of the upcoming Rio+20 Summit are also discussed. The report concludes with recommendations to improve the governance of the sustainable development system.