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EU-India cooperation on health

Ve stručnosti 01-06-2023

In line with the EU-India Strategic Partnership of 2004 and the EU approach to global health, the EU and India have long-standing cooperation on health. The focus is on health research and innovation, public health and health security, as well as regulatory convergence. Often called the 'world's pharmacy', India significantly shapes global health outcomes due to its health diplomacy and its large share of the global population. While interests converge in numerous health-related areas, intellectual ...

This infographic provides an insight into the economic performance of Mexico compared to the EU, and looks at the trade dynamics between them. Mexico’s GDP per capita, unemployment rate, female labour force participation, and FDI have remained relatively stable since 2006, with slight increases, whereas remittances have increased more markedly. EU trade with Mexico has increased significantly since 2006, most notably trade in goods. This is dominated by trade in mechanical appliances and electrical ...

The UK Withdrawal Negotiations raised awareness about the positive effects of European integration on regional development and cross-border cooperation in Ireland – and their vulnerability to Brexit. This At a glance note summarises the report explaining and evidencing the impact of Brexit – anticipated, actual and potential – in this unique case study. Its focus is on non-trade related matters, including administrative, environmental and cultural, particularly as managed at local and regional levels ...

In 2022, Europe has seen a sudden, huge influx of refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. This At a glance note summarises study assessing the use of Cohesion Policy funds to finance actions to support those refugees in EU host countries. It pays particular attention to the Cohesion’s Action for Refugees in Europe (CARE), and how the flexibility mechanisms it introduced have been taken up by the Managing Authorities of Cohesion Policy programmes. The study concludes with policy recommendations in view ...

Since December 2022, some EU countries have been granting refugee status to all female Afghan asylum-seekers, solely on grounds of gender. This decision is based on the worsening situation in Afghanistan, in particular for women and girls, with the level of discrimination deemed sufficiently serious to amount to persecution of a social group, as defined in the 1951 Refugee Convention, and fulfilling the requirements for granting refugee status.

This At a Glance assesses the extent to which policy frameworks at EU and national level are equipped to tackle the social inequalities produced by climate action policies, identifies gaps and outlines recommendations for action that could be taken up by the European Parliament in future policy debates. This document was provided by the Policy Department for Economic, Scientific and Quality of Life Policies at the request of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL).'

Moldova on the path to EU membership

Ve stručnosti 26-05-2023

Russia's war on Ukraine has changed geopolitical realities on the continent. Since the war began, Moldova has been granted EU candidate country status. It will also host the second European Political Community summit on 1 June 2023. President Maia Sandu – supported by the country's government, led by Dorin Recean – has put forward a modernisation agenda for the country despite difficult economic and geopolitical circumstances.

Open strategic autonomy is about ensuring that the EU has the capacity to cope alone if necessary but without ruling out cooperation whenever possible. It goes some steps beyond smart supply chain management by taking into account geopolitics as well as economic factors. It relies on foresight to identify threats and ensures resilience by anticipating the required responses. Could the resulting preparedness also prevent crises by normalising situations that would otherwise become emergencies?

Act in support of ammunition production

Ve stručnosti 25-05-2023

Put forward by the European Commission on 3 May 2023 to facilitate the ramping-up of production capacity for ammunition and missiles in the EU, the proposed act in support of ammunition production seeks to ensure that the European defence industry can better support Ukraine and EU Member States. Members agreed to trigger the urgent procedure during the May I 2023 plenary session. Parliament is set to proceed with a plenary vote on Parliament's position on the proposal, without a report, during the ...

The European Parliament is due to vote in May II on the second report on external attempts to influence elections and other democratic processes in EU countries. The report, prepared by the second Special Committee on Foreign Interference (ING2), follows up on the work of the Special Committee on Foreign Interference in all Democratic Processes in the European Union, including Disinformation (INGE), and makes recommendations to address institutional and normative gaps identified in the run-up to ...