A framework for foresight intelligence - Part 2: Online stakeholder engagement

Indgående analyse 25-11-2021

The second part of the STOA study, 'A framework for technology foresight intelligence', this report deals with horizon stakeholder engagement for the strategic and practical purposes of the STOA Panel's activities. It analyses online engagement methods and tools and their suitability for brainstorming meetings, and for technology assessment and foresight projects. To gain insight and experience in the use of online methods and tools for engagement, these were implemented in one ongoing STOA project. For this purpose, STOA selected a typical foresight study, investigating a complex issue that is the subject of controversy: gene-editing techniques for the future of farming in Europe. Experts from the Danish Board of Technology Foundation guided the STOA team in setting up and running the procedure for this project. This paper assesses the efficiency of online alternatives for foresight brainstorming meetings with colleagues, MEPs, experts and selected stakeholders. These alternatives include traditional surveys (to ascertain societal concerns about possible future technological developments) and simple variants of Delphi-type surveys.