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03-03-2020 13:30 - Demographic Outlook for the EU in 2020: Understanding population trends in the EU

Anden begivenhed - EPRS
EPRS event on 3 March 2020

This policy roundtable presents the 2020 edition of the EPRS’s ‘Demographic Outlook of the EU’, which tracks demographic change at European level. The study uses the latest data from Eurostat and the United Nations to explore the main demographic indicators, such as the median age, fertility rates or life expectancy, comparing them between EU Member States and between the EU and the rest of the world. [...]

Mere detaljeret:

The dramatically ageing population of the EU has serious implications across a wide range of policy areas, including the economy, healthcare and pensions. Free movement within the EU and migration from third countries also play an important role in shaping demography in individual Member States and regions.
The special in-focus section of this latest edition of the study deals with the relationship between food, nutrition and demographic change annual. Themes analysed include the connection between food quality and life expectancy, the nutrition needs and habits of different age groups, and food insecurity as a trigger for migration towards the EU. Possible solutions such as labelling for healthier food, climate labelling and insect food products are also addressed. The presentation of the study will be followed by a panel discussion with representatives of the FAO, European Commission and Joint Research Centre, as well as the European Parliament.

Placering: Library Reading Room, Altiero Spinelli Building, 5th floor
Seneste opdatering: 18-02-2020


05-03-2020 10:00 - Trade-Related Aspects of Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanisms

Workshop - INTA
Sprouting plant surrounded by coins

A joint Policy Department and INTA Committee workshop on Trade-related aspects of carbon border adjustment mechanisms takes place on 5 March 2020 10.00-12.00. Four academic experts will present their research on this climate policy issue that is an element of the Green Deal.

Mere detaljeret:

Placering: Paul-Henri Spaak Building, Room 4B1
Seneste opdatering: 25-02-2020

05-03-2020 12:30 - Has the EU become a regulatory superpower? How it's rules are shaping global markets

Anden begivenhed - EPRS
EPRS book talk on 5 March 2020

Professor Anu BRADFORD, Director of the European Legal Studies Center at Columbia Law School in New York, is publishing a book, ‘The Brussels Effect: How Europe rules the world’, in which she analyses the EU’s growing ability to regulate global markets through standard-setting. […]

Mere detaljeret:

Seemingly without the need to resort to international institutions or seek other nations' formal agreement, the EU has been acquiring and exercing a unique ability to adopt regulations that increasingly shape the global economic environment, raising standards worldwide and leading to a 'Europeanisation' of many important aspects of global commerce. Either because foreign jurisdictions choose voluntarily to adopt EU standards or because market forces alone are sufficient to convert EU standards into the global ones, especially as multinational companies voluntarily extend the EU rule to govern their global operations, the Union is finding that it is able to exercise a new and significant form of soft power. At this EPRS Book Talk, Professor BRADFORD will explore some of the issues set out in her new book with Dr Andrea RENDA, a leading authority on EU regulation based at CEPS in Brussels.

Placering: Library Reading Room, 5th floor, Altiero Spinelli Building, European Parliament, Brussels
Seneste opdatering: 19-02-2020


16-03-2020 15:00 - "Women as key actors for climate justice" - EP side event at the CSW64 in New York

Anden begivenhed - FEMM
Women as Key Actors for Climate Justice

The side event will present priorities and initiatives of the European Parliament and civil society organizations as regards the empowerment of women as key actors for climate justice. It will also provide a forum to exchange good practices and discuss innovative approaches and possible ways forward.

Mere detaljeret:

The European Union and its Member States have a duty to work towards the achievement of full gender equality in the European Union and to promote this goal in all external relations.
Climate justice links human rights and development, safeguarding the rights of women and girls in most vulnerable situations and ensuring equitable sharing of the burdens and benefits of climate change and its impacts.
On 16 January 2018, the European Parliament adopted a Resolution on women, gender equality and climate justice (2017/2086(INI)), laying out a series of recommendations to tackle existing challenges and devising new solutions for the future.
During the new mandate (2019 - 2024), the European Parliament will work towards creating the legislative framework to achieve carbon neutrality in Europe by 2050, and will aim at proposing an ambitious Green deal to all European citizens.

Placering: Ex-Press Bar, GA Building, United Nations, New York, U.S.A
Seneste opdatering: 28-02-2020

17-03-2020 13:15 - "Women as socio-economic game changers" - EP side event at the CSW64, New York

Anden begivenhed - FEMM
Women as Economic Game Changers

The side event will present priorities and initiatives of the European Parliament and UN Women as regards the empowerment of women in the socio-economic sphere. It will also provide a forum to exchange good practices and discuss innovative approaches and possible ways forward.

Mere detaljeret:

Primary barriers to women's economic empowerment include adverse social norms, discriminatory laws or lack of legal protection, failure to equally share unpaid household work and care between men and women, lack of access to financial, digital and property assets. These barriers can be further exacerbated by multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination. A higher participation of women in the labour market contributes to sustainable economic development at all levels of society.
Corporate boards with more women have been found to improve the performance of private companies. Progress is most tangible in Member States in which binding legislation on quotas for boards has been adopted. The adoption of a directive on gender balance among non-executive directors of listed companies at the EU level would be an important first step towards equal representation in the public and private sectors.

Placering: Ex-Press Bar, GA Building, United Nations, New York, U.S.A
Seneste opdatering: 28-02-2020

18-03-2020 09:30 - AI and Blockchain: opportunities and challenges for the Single Market

Høring - IMCO
Global communication technology and telecommunication financial network around planet Earth. Blockchain and cryptocurrency concept with copyspace

The aim of the hearing is to explore the opportunities and challenges that two new technologies – artificial intelligence and blockchain – present for the single market. The hearing will be made up of two panels of experts: the first dealing with the use of AI tools in the services sector; the second dealing with the potential of blockchain to improve product safety.

Mere detaljeret:

The AI panel will address questions like the following: To what extent does the EU's regulatory framework for services need to be adapted? Are the transparency obligations in the e-Commerce Directive adequate in the age of AI-algorithms? Are EU rules for AI-powered professional services adequate to ensure the protection of consumers?

The Blockchain panel will address questions like the following: What role could blockchain play in the EU's product safety framework, for example making market surveillance and traceability of products more effective? Can DLTs improve the quality and accessibility of product information for consumers? What role can standardisation play in ensuring interoperability of DLTs and avoiding fragmentation and technical barriers within the single market?

Placering: ANTALL, 6Q2
Seneste opdatering: 19-02-2020

19-03-2020 10:30 - Consumer aspects around planned obsolescence: towards longer-lasting products

Høring - IMCO
consumer electronics home appliances with different damages. Broken household goods: monitor,microwave,refrigerator,washing machine,vacuum cleaner etc

The aim of the hearing is discuss the different aspects of planned obsolescence from a consumer protection perspective. Panellists are invited to share their views on the causes and facts behind product obsolescence, to comment on existing policy measures and to issue recommendations for a possible future EU regulatory framework to counter planned obsolescence, with a focus on ensuring a high degree of consumer protection.

Mere detaljeret:

In particular, the panellists may comment on recommended consumer information obligations and product labelling (e.g. mandatory durability labelling, reparability scoring systems), consumer rights (right to repair, specificities of IoT goods, software obsolescence), on pioneering national legislation such as the French or Italian examples and initiatives promoting product durability, repair and sustainable consumption in general. Members will also have the opportunity to hear the Commission's perspective and details of its work in the area of sustainable

Placering: ANTALL Building, 6Q2
Seneste opdatering: 06-02-2020

22-03-2020 17:30 - Sixth meeting of the Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group (JPSG) on Europol

Anden begivenhed - LIBE
Logo of the Croatian Presidency of the EU Council

The sixth meeting of the Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group on Europol (JPSG) will take place on 22-23 March 2020 in Zagreb. The JPSG brings together Members of national parliaments and the European Parliament to fulfil the scrutiny and oversight on the activities of Europol including on fundamental rights. The JPSG meets at least twice a year. It is Co-Chaired by the European Parliament and the country holding the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Mere detaljeret:

The agenda includes points resulting from the obligations formulated in articles 12, 51 and 52 of the Europol Regulation (regulation (EU)2016/794) including hearing the European data Protection Supervisor, the Europol Executive Director, the Chairperson of the Europol Management Board and discussing the Multiannual Work Programme. The agenda also includes high profile discussions on topics such as Europol External Strategy and Operational Agreements with Third Countries, the EU Internal Security Strategy and the Role of Europol and Innovation and Research at Europol. The meeting will give the LIBE Members the opportunity to obtain first-hand information on these topics and will enable them to scrutinise Europol's activities as foreseen in article 88 TFEU.

Placering: National and University Library, Zagreb, Croatia
Seneste opdatering: 20-02-2020


Efter forretningsordenens artikel 193 kan et udvalg arrangere en eksperthøring, hvis det finder det nødvendigt for sit arbejde med et bestemt emne. To eller flere udvalg kan også holde fælles høringer. De fleste udvalg arrangerer regelmæssige høringer, da det giver dem mulighed for at få oplysninger fra eksperter og drøfte nøglespørgsmål. Denne side indeholder al foreliggende information om udvalgshøringer, inklusive programmer, postere og indlæg fra talere.


Workshopper tilrettelægges af temaafdelingerne og administreres i overensstemmelse med finansforordningen. Der er ikke nødvendigvis offentlig adgang, da workshopper kan afholdes i forbindelse med et udvalgsmøde.

Workshopper giver medlemmerne mulighed for at stille spørgsmål og udveksle synspunkter med eksperter om emner, der vedrører det parlamentariske arbejde, eller om spørgsmål, der har aktuel interesse.

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