Improving working conditions in platform work

Briefing 28-04-2022

The IA presents a qualitative and partially quantitative assessment in support of the proposal on working conditions in platform work. The problem definition would have benefited from further clarification, in particular of the target group, as it refers to 'some people', whilst the IA describes more widely problems faced by all of the people working through platforms. The IA openly explains the difficulties relating to the lack of data on platforms, an issue that the authors of the IA tried to address by making great efforts to collect relevant data, for example, through a survey and broad stakeholder consultations. The IA provides a sufficient range of options to address the defined problems and clearly describes the stakeholders' views, which appear to diverge, for example regarding the rebuttable presumption with reversed burden of proof of an employment status. In the impacts assessment, the proportionality criterion was not used in the comparison of the options, contrary to the recommendations of the Better Regulation Guidelines. Moreover, the IA openly indicates that it was not possible to quantify some costs (e.g. risk assessment, data portability). Despite its weaknesses, the IA is able to provide a useful information package for decision-making. As a technical point, to facilitate reader-friendliness, part of the information included in the extensive annexes could have been included in the main analysis.