The Reform of the Electoral Law of the European Union: European Added Value Assessment accompanying the legislative own-initiative Report (Co-Rapporteurs Danuta Hübner and Jo Leinen)

Eingehende Analyse 25-09-2015

The legislative initiative report on the "Reform of the Electoral Law of the European Union", drawn-up by the Committee on Constitutional Affairs calls for amendment of the Act concerning the election of Members of the European Parliament by direct universal suffrage. In this report, the Co-Rapporteurs Danuta Hübner and Jo Leinen propose a number of measures with the aim of enhancing the democratic nature of the European elections; reinforcing the legal status of citizenship of the Union; improving the functioning of the European Parliament and the governance of the Union; strengthening the legitimacy and efficiency of the European Parliament; enhancing the effectiveness of the system for conducting European elections and providing for greater electoral equality for the citizens of the Union.The arguments in support of the proposals of the European Parliament are set out in detail in this European Added Value Assessment.