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US President, Donald Trump, has imposed tariffs on steel and aluminium imports, raising fears of a trade war with other countries. He has argued that the levies, of 25 % on steel and 10 % on aluminium, are needed to protect US national security. But many analysts and politicians believe that they are actually meant to protect domestic producers and meet Trump's pre-election promise to return manufacturing jobs to the US. The European Union is seeking an exemption from the tariffs, which has already ...

New US tariffs: Potential impact on the WTO

Auf einen Blick 13-03-2018

On 8 March 2018, US President Donald Trump signed orders imposing tariffs of 25 % on steel imports and 10 % on aluminium imports. These tariffs will apply to all countries, except Canada and Mexico (and possibly also Australia). President Trump has expressed a willingness to discuss the measures with individual countries and make additional exceptions if US (security) concerns are addressed. The European Commission and other US trading partners have expressed their concern at the measures, fearing ...

Freier Warenverkehr

Kurzdarstellungen zur EU 01-11-2017

Der freie Warenverkehr – die erste der vier Grundfreiheiten des Binnenmarkts – wird durch die Abschaffung von Zöllen und mengenmäßigen Beschränkungen sowie durch das Verbot von Maßnahmen mit gleicher Wirkung gewährleistet. Die Grundsätze der gegenseitigen Anerkennung, der Beseitigung physischer und technischer Hindernisse und der Förderung der Normung wurden hinzugefügt, um zur Vollendung des Binnenmarkts beizutragen. Durch die Annahme des Neuen Rechtsrahmens im Jahr 2008 wurden die Vorschriften ...

Free Zones are geographic areas in which a governmental authority offers incentives, different from the host country's regular policies, to companies operating in the region. Given the nature of these incentives, designated zones are often said to function as "growth poles" for the region, or even beyond.