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The EU celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaties a year ago by pledging to enhance the EU’s role as a global player, in line with the 2016 Global Strategy. This was intended to develop the EU’s role in security and defence matters, starting with increasing support for the European defence industry and the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) as a whole, as well as reinforcing existing or developing new partnerships and pushing for further global engagement in support of the UN system ...

Fisheries structural assistance

Kurzdarstellungen zur EU 01-09-2017

Initially funded by the Financial Instrument for Fisheries Guidance (FIFG), the European fisheries policy was funded by the European Fisheries Fund (EFF) for 2007-2013, and is presently funded by the new European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF), worth EUR 6.4 billion over 2014-2020. The EMFF supports fishermen in the transition to sustainable fishing, supports coastal communities in diversifying their economies and finances projects to create new jobs and improve quality of life along European ...

Die europäische Aquakultur

Kurzdarstellungen zur EU 01-09-2017

Die europäische Aquakultur stagniert derzeit, was im Gegensatz zur weltweit zunehmenden Aquakulturproduktion steht. Um dieser Tendenz entgegenzuwirken, hat die Kommission zwei Mitteilungen mit Strategien zur Entwicklung der europäischen Aquakultur veröffentlicht – eine im Jahr 2002 und eine weitere im Jahr 2009. Mit der Strategie von 2002 ist es nicht gelungen, die europäische Produktion anzukurbeln; zudem wurden der Markt für Aquakulturerzeugnisse und die Aquakulturwirtschaft von der weltweiten ...

The EU Automotive Sector in a Globalised Market

Eingehende Analyse 04-12-2012

Over the past decade, the global car industry has undergone a gradual but significant shift in sales and production numbers from developed into developing markets. This shift has plunged many European car manufacturers into a particularly difficult structural crisis as they have had to grapple with falling domestic sales and growing overcapacity issues. The economic importance of Europe’s car sector underscores the potential damage that this crisis may inflict on many EU member states. Increasing ...

EU industry: boosting growth and jobs

Auf einen Blick 15-11-2012

Since 2008, output and employment in European industry have declined. To stimulate recovery, the European Commission (EC) has proposed a series of measures focused on improving industrial competitiveness and investment in innovation. Budgetary constraints, slow implementation and complex regulation pose challenges to the success of these initiatives.

Compilation of briefing papers assessing the impacts of the financial and economic crisis on the automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries in the EU.