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This briefing has been drawn up to support ECON’s work on the scrutiny of delegated acts, in particular as regards the discussion of 22 February 2018 on the evaluation of certain elements of the Short Selling Regulation (EU) No 236/2012 (SSR ).

This in-depth analysis, produced by the Ex-Post Impact Assessment Unit of the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS), aims to present an updated overview of the state of transposition of Directive 2011/7/EU on late payments in commercial transactions. An analysis of the state of implementation and on the operation in practice of the directive is also provided. It has been drafted following the Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) Committee's first "scrutiny session" with the European ...

Every year, 1 million small businesses in the EU face problems with collecting cross-border debts, and as much as €600 million in cross-border claims are never satisfied. Domestic orders for payment, which exist in many Member States, are an effective tool for the collection of domestic debts, but often are not practical for cross-border use. Therefore, in order to supplement the existing national measures, the EU legislature has created a European Order for Payment procedure which is available for ...

Euro Area Governance

Studie 16-06-2010

The fourth Monetary Dialogue of the 7th Parliament is scheduled to take place on 21 June 2010 in Brussels. This compilation of briefing papers is written by members of the Monetary Experts Panel of ECON advising the Committee on monetary policy questions. It includes five contributions on "Euro Area Governance", as well as a summary of the papers. Another compilation on "Unconventional ECB Monetary Policy", the other topic of the Monetary Dialogue in June 2010, is published simultaneously.