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The SURE: Implementation

Briefing 20-10-2021

Council Regulation 2020/672 established SURE, the European instrument for temporary support to mitigate unemployment risks in an emergency, which has been in force since 20 May 2020. This note provides an overview in tabular format of the SURE implementing decisions as adopted by Council, of Commission issuances under SURE and of disbursements. It will be regularly updated.

The coronavirus pandemic in Latin America

Auf einen Blick 28-04-2021

Latin America is among the world's regions worst affected by Covid-19, and its economies, employment and even human rights are already suffering seriously, and are expected to continue to do so. Governments and international organisations, including the EU, are making efforts to mitigate the consequences, but the results remain uncertain. This is an update of an 'At a glance' note from October 2020.

This briefing is preceding a broader study on “Fighting poverty and social exclusion (incl. minimum income schemes)” requested by the EMPL committee in view of a possible Union framework on minimum income protection. The briefing provides an institutional perspective on minimum income schemes (MIS) in Member States and their different roles and scope within national social protection systems. It also further examines the EU monitoring framework and points to shortcomings and gaps on the roadway to ...

The current coronavirus pandemic and its accompanying health and economic crises have highlighted and heightened certain trends and challenges which were already affecting the labour market in Europe. These include accelerated digitalisation and automation, increased use of artificial intelligence, constraints relating to a lack of digital skills, and problems concerning the status of platform workers and other workers in non-standard forms of employment. In parallel, there has been an unprecedented ...

Latest forcest by EC, IMF and OECD.

Die öffentlichen Arbeitsverwaltungen sind die wichtigsten Einrichtungen, die beschäftigungspolitische Maßnahmen zur Erleichterung der Integration von Arbeitsuchenden in den Arbeitsmarkt durchführen. Die Kommission hat vorgeschlagen, das europäische Netzwerk dieser Verwaltungen zu erweitern und zu verbessern, indem es unter anderem mit anderen Akteuren auf dem Arbeitsmarkt zusammenarbeitet und sich an die Herausforderungen der Digitalisierung, an die technischen Entwicklungen in der Arbeitswelt und ...

Selected Euro Area Macroeconomic Indicators

Auf einen Blick 23-10-2020

This note provides a comparison of some key macroeconomic forecast indicators for the Euro Area as a whole published by the Commission, IMF, ECB and OECD.

The note provides a summary of key findings from the study of the labour market and social situation in Germany including major trends, policy responses and challenges for the future. The note covers aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus and the world of work

Briefing 23-04-2020

The coronavirus pandemic and the measures taken to curb its spread have had far-reaching and lasting consequences in different sectors of the economy, in the form of job and income losses or significantly modified working conditions. This briefing gives an overview of the host of problems confronting workers and employers due to the pandemic and its consequences, and presents possible solutions that can be applied at different levels. A set of solutions concerns the level of the individual worker ...

Bereits seit Anfang der 1950er Jahre engagiert sich die Europäische Union (EU) für die Bekämpfung der Arbeitslosigkeit, indem sie eine hohe Beschäftigungsquote fördert. Das Thema wurde mit Beginn der Wirtschafts- und Finanzkrise 2008 und dem damit verbundenen Anstieg der Arbeitslosenquoten in allen Mitgliedstaaten der Europäischen Union (EU) ganz oben auf die europäische Agenda gesetzt. In ihrer Strategie Europa 2020 hat die Europäische Kommission das Ziel festgelegt, bis 2020 75 % der 20- bis 64 ...