Amending Budget No 8/2020: Covering the financing needs of the Emergency Support Instrument and Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative Plus

At a Glance 11-09-2020

Draft Amending Budget No 8/2020 (DAB 8/2020) aims to provide additional payments of €6.2 billion in 2020. Of this amount, €1.1 billion is needed for the financing of actions contributing to the deployment of an effective and safe vaccine against Covid-19, assumed under the Emergency Support Instrument (ESI). Cohesion funds will be reinforced with €5.1 billion to ensure that a sufficient amount of payments is available to cover the Member States’ reimbursement requests for actions taken under the Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative Plus (CRII+). The European Parliament is expected to vote, under the urgent procedure, on the Council position on DAB 8/2020 during the September plenary session.