Amending budget No 2/2022: 2021 surplus

At a Glance 07-09-2022

The purpose of Draft Amending Budget No 2/2022 (DAB 2/2022) to the EU's 2022 general budget is to enter as revenue in the 2022 budget the surplus resulting from implementation of the 2021 budget. The 2021 surplus totals over €3.2 billion. It consists mostly of higher than expected revenues from customs duties (€1.68 billion) and fines for breaking EU competition law that exceeded the forecast by €957 million. The surplus also arises in part from under-spending on the expenditure side. Inclusion of the 2021 surplus will result in a corresponding reduction in EU Member States' gross national income (GNI) contributions to the 2022 budget. The European Parliament is expected to vote on the Council's position on DAB 2/2022 during its September plenary session.