Adoption of the European Union's 2023 budget

At a Glance 18-11-2022

During its November II plenary session, the European Parliament is expected to adopt the EU's general budget for 2023. Parliament will vote on the provisional agreement reached on 14 November 2022 during the budgetary conciliation between Parliament and the Council, and due to be formally voted by the Council before the Parliament's vote. Once adopted, commitment appropriations for 2023 will amount to €186.6 billion and payments to €168.6 billion, including special instruments. The negotiators also reached agreement on Amending Letter No 1 to the 2023 budget (AL 1/2023) and draft amending budget 5 to the 2022 budget (DAB 5/2022). The annual budgetary negotiations this year took place in the fast-moving context of the Russian war on Ukraine, the post-pandemic recovery and climate, and the energy and humanitarian crises.