Adoption of the European Union's 2024 budget

At a Glance 17-11-2023

The EU's general budget for 2024 is scheduled for adoption during the European Parliament's November II plenary session. Parliament will vote on the provisional agreement it reached with the Council on 11 November 2023 during budgetary conciliation. The Council has to approve the provisional agreement formally before Parliament puts it to the vote. The agreed 2024 budget sets commitment appropriations at €189.4 billion and payments at €142.6 billion, including special instruments. The provisional agreement includes draft amending budget 4 to the 2023 budget (DAB 4/2023). The annual budgetary negotiations this year took place in the dynamic context of global challenges and the need for a revision of the EU multiannual financial framework, as stressed in Parliament's interim report of 3 October 2023.