European Deposit Insurance Scheme: Completing the Banking Union

Briefing 14-03-2016

As part of its ambition to complete the Banking Union, the European Commission proposes the introduction of a European Deposit Insurance Scheme (EDIS), in order to reduce the potential spill-over risk of local bank failures on the financial stability of the economic and monetary union as a whole. According to the proposal of 24 November 2015, the EDIS would be the third pillar of the Banking Union and be introduced gradually, in three separate phases between 2017 and 2024, complementing national deposit guarantee schemes. It also has implications for the overall resolution framework for banks under the Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM) so the Commission proposes to amend the SRM Regulation (EU) No 806/2014, introducing a common deposit insurance system as of 2024. In parallel, the Commission published a communication proposing additional measures for risk sharing and risk reduction in the banking sector. These include ensuring adequate loss-absorbing resources for banks and measures to improve the comparability of risk-weighted assets.