Fit for 55 package: revising the EU Emissions Trading System as regards aviation

Briefing 02-03-2022

The IA identifies three problems that need to be tackled, but the analysis regarding how to promote broad and effective participation by states in CORSIA would have benefited from further explanation. The section of the report dealing with the objectives seems less than comprehensive and insufficiently developed. While the options considered appear to be sufficiently broad, a clear and transparent ranking based on the various elements considered is missing. The IA appears to reflect a satisfactory analysis of the main impacts of the retained options. The indicators proposed do not appear fully convincing in measuring the success of the initiative. The stakeholders' preferred option for implementing CORSIA is different from the one selected by the IA. Overall, the reasoning of the IA appears to be well grounded, and the IA appears to have addressed most of the RSB's comments. Finally, the proposal envisages an increase in the share of auctioned allowances that does not correspond to any of the retained options