Sustainable use of plant protection products

Briefing 18-10-2022

The impact assessment (IA) examines the nature and scale of the problem. It substantiates the findings with references to: the evaluation of current rules, which was carried out in parallel with the IA; further analysis by the European Commission; publicly available studies; and stakeholder input. The problems and problem drivers are discussed in detail, and the IA analyses how the problems would evolve without further action. However, information about the evolution of the problem appears to focus more on environmental and health issues and less on economic viability. The IA provides a qualitative and partly quantitative assessment of the options' social, environmental and economic impacts. However, information about possible financial assistance and/or incentives for the agri-food sector is limited. Limitations and uncertainties in the analysis are described in a transparent way. The views of stakeholders, in particular SMEs, on the options, and how their views were taken into account, could have been presented in more detail. Furthermore, the IA would have benefited from a more comprehensive analysis of the impacts on SMEs (such as farmers, food processors, and handlers of agricultural products and pesticides).