Outcome of the European Council meeting of 15 December 2022

Briefing 19-12-2022

The last regular European Council meeting of 2022 ended with agreements on most open agenda points, notably the €18 billion of assistance to Ukraine and the ninth sanctions package. While the detailed decision on the cap for energy prices was left to the Energy Council to define, EU leaders specified in their conclusions that the proposal was to be finalised on 19 December 2022. In a long strategic discussion on EU-US relations, European Council members concurred that they want an active dialogue with the US on the latter's Inflation Reduction Act. Regarding the economy, EU leaders invited the European Commission to put forward, by the end of January 2023, short-term measures to mobilise both EU and national investment resources to safeguard the EU's economic base, as well as an EU strategy to boost competitiveness and productivity in the longer term. On security and defence, EU leaders focused on joint procurement, and insisted on the need to invest in defence capabilities to be able to conduct the full spectrum of EU missions and operations. As regards enlargement, the European Council endorsed the General Affairs Council conclusions on enlargement of 13 December 2022, and granted Bosnia and Herzegovina candidate country status.