Implementation of the roadworthiness package: European implementation assessment

Study 10-09-2020

Road transport is the most common means of transport in the EU, as well as the most important cause of accidents. In this respect, the European Union has developed a transport policy oriented towards safety and security through common standards and rules. A roadworthiness package was adopted at European level in 2014, aimed at improving road safety through common rules on periodic roadworthiness tests for motor vehicles and their trailers (Directive 2014/45/EU), vehicle registration documents (Directive 2014/46/EU), and roadside inspections of commercial vehicles (Directive 2014/47/EU). The purpose of this European implementation assessment is to check whether the transposition of safety measures included in the package has led to common standards in practice, as well as to assess the current functioning of the exchange of information and the mutual recognition of technical controls between Member States.