Beyond growth: Pathways towards sustainable prosperity in the EU

Study 09-05-2023

From 15 to 17 May 2023 the European Parliament is hosting a conference on the topic 'Beyond Growth'. This study introduces participants and other stakeholders and interested parties to the debate on going beyond growth. Organised in two parts, the study first presents the status quo, with our reliance on economic growth as the main policy driver and gross domestic product (GDP) as a key economic measure, blind spots related to this reliance, and the need to address multiple system failures. It notes today's focus on research and innovation and describes measures already brought forward in the European Green Deal to this effect. The second part of the study explores the case for changing the underlying system drivers, and how system transformation may come about. It presents a range of existing or suggested policy frameworks to effect changes, before moving on to specific tools that are relevant for realising economic transitions. A recap of the debate and challenges rounds off the study.