Horizon Europe support for the European Green Deal

Study 02-07-2024

The European Green Deal, aimed at making the EU climate neutral by 2050, outlines a comprehensive approach to sustainability, requiring profound transformation across all industrial sectors. Horizon Europe, the EU's foremost research and innovation programme, can be a critical enabler, providing the necessary funding, framework and innovation pathways to support this transition. Employing a combination of desk research and stakeholder consultations, this study evaluates Horizon Europe's alignment with the Green Deal, focusing specifically on Horizon's impact on European industry. The analysis sheds light on Horizon Europe's role in supporting research with a sustainability focus, and in facilitating industry participation in research projects. It reveals successes and identifies challenges such as administrative complexities, and the need for mechanisms to provide tailored support for small and medium-sized enterprises. The report suggests three policy options to strengthen Horizon Europe's support for industry: enhancing the capabilities of National Contact Points, expanding the 'marketplace' concept for green technologies, and prioritising selected strategic industrial and technological goals within Horizon Europe.