Background information for the BUDG-CONT workshop on "The Role of the EU Budget in International Climate Finance"

Briefing 27-01-2023

The Committees on Budget (BUDG) and Budgetary Control (CONT) are holding a workshop on the role of the EU budget in international climate finance with invitation to Members of the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI). The workshop will cover a series of important questions regarding the financial instruments that are needed to reach the environmental goals that are set out in the Paris Agreement to which the European Union (EU) and all its Member States (MS) are signatories. More specifically, the question is raised how much has been committed so far financially and how much of this is the EU’s contribution. The key challenges in answering these questions are brought to light throughout the chapters. This briefing provides background information for Members of BUDG, CONT and ENVI about what is known to date about international climate finance and the role of the EU budget in this regard.