07-03-2023 13:30
EPRS conference: Increasing European added value in an age of global challenges

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Library Reading Room, EP, Brussels and live on Webex
EPRS event on 7 March
EPRS conference on 7 March © European Parliament EP/PE

This event will be held in the Library Reading Room of the European Parliament in Brussels. If you have an accreditation or an EU Institutions security badge you can enter freely the Spinelli building.

If you don't or if you prefer, you can attend the event online by clicking the below link.

From the COVID-19 pandemic to the conflict in Ukraine, the potential value of further European integration is clearer than ever before. The latest edition of the EPRS study 'Mapping the cost of non-Europe 2022-2032' aims to support the European Parliament in the process of setting the EU's political agenda. The study's findings show that further European Union integration in 50 policy areas could not only generate over €2.8 trillion per year by 2032 but also help promote peace, environmental protection and social prosperity.